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CelluliteMD Reviews

"I have been using Cellulite MD for 20 days and I have already begun to see results. I'm really glad I found a cream that really can do what it claims to do! I can see a big difference in the cellulite on my legs and bottom compared to before I started using your product. Thanks so much for making a really great product!"

--Michelle G., Cleveland, OH

"I am a slender woman and I've always had stubborn cellulite on the sides and backs of my thighs. I was skeptical when I first placed my order. I used Cellulite MD as directed and I was so happy to see a difference within 3 weeks! I'm so glad I have found Cellulite MD!."

--Heather J., Atlanta, GA

"I've had a big cellulite problem since I was sixteen. I've tried everything, including massage, dry brushing, exercise and even [expensive spa treatment]. These treatments made a small difference for me. However, I found your product to be far superior to everything else I have tried. I am in my early 40s and I am wearing shorts for the first time in YEARS! I have been using Cellulite MD on my arms and even the skin under my chin -- it really does firm the skin like you say. Thanks!"

--Regina D., San Diego, CA

"I am a new customer. I have been using your Cellulite MD for five weeks so far and I'm seeing a tremendous change. I feel great. I love it so much."

--Teresa B., Seattle, WA

"I love Cellulite MD! I've always been a skeptic of products like this but a friend of mine started using Cellulite MD after she got lipo (weird right? Well her doctor recommended it!) Now I've seen what a big difference Cellulite MD makes and I'm telling everyone about it. Thank you."

--Stacy O., Albany, NY

"I bought Cellulite MD specifically for my rear end -- I have a bunch of dimples back there. After just 3 weeks I noticed the most amazing difference. Even my husband noticed! Well, now after two months I'm not embarrassed to put on a bathing suit. Thank you so much for a fantastic product that really really works!"

--Doreen F., Phoenix, AZ


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